No School Closings!

We want Sustainable Community Schools – the schools our students deserve – not more school closings! In 2013, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed the largest number of schools in American history – and he and his handpicked CPS board are at it again. Today, schools slated for closure include NTA and all four Englewood high schools, with Hirsh high school’s building slated to be opened to a politically connected charter operator. Many students will be abandoned, while private operators profit at the expense of children and families. These terrible policies will also worsen a mass exodus of Black families from the city. Emanuel’s push to privatize our schools has fragmented the system and left many schools – especially neighborhood schools – without the resources students need to thrive.

Instead, we want the resources our schools need to provide the supports that EVERY child in Chicago deserves. We want Sustainable Community Schools with culturally relevant curricula; critical health and well-being supports – including physical and mental health care for students and their families; strong after-school enrichment; restorative justice to keep kids out of the school-to-prison pipeline; and the robust class and community offerings found in wealthy suburban districts.

CPS has set up an email address for parents and community to request that their own school be closed! Click the link below to email to Rahm’s “Parent Tricker” hotline and tell him and CPS that instead of giving away our schools to a charter operator or closing a vital neighborhood public school, you want CPS to provide our schools with the funds and programming that students deserve! Sign up to get more info about fighting school closings at this link, or sign up directly to attend CPS meetings to voice your opposition to proposed school closings at this link!