No School Closings!

Just a few years ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed the largest number of schools in American history. Now, Emanuel and his handpicked CEO, Forrest Claypool, are at it again. This year, CPS set up an email address for parents and community to request that their own school be closed! Once neighborhood schools close, many of the students who go there will be abandoned. Private operators will instead make schools that prey on families for profit. These terrible policies will also worsen a mass exodus of Black families from the city. Rahm’s push to privatize our schools has fragmented the system. His policies also leave many schools, especially neighborhood schools, without the resources we need for students to pursue their destiny.

Now, Rahm and Claypool hope that parents will abandon the schools that belong to them. They hope parents and community members will formally request to close or consolidate schools. Parents and community members do not want Rahm’s rich friends to destroy our public neighborhood schools by spreading charters. Instead, we want the city, the state, and the district to put enough money into our schools that they can meet our needs. We want Sustainable Community Schools that include culturally relevant curriculum as well as physical and mental health care for students and their families. We want our schools to have strong after-school enrichment, restorative justice to keep our kids out of the school-to-prison pipeline and more.

Send an email here to Rahm’s “Parent Tricker” hotline and tell them that instead of giving away our school, you want them to support it with the money our kids deserve!